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​About us

SilverSky Software is an Australian company with a dedicated software development facility in Brisbane. Our core competency is the development of quality software solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our focus is on our clients and our people - none of which we can do without. We may be experts in IT Software Development and we may even know something about business, but you know your business the best. Our philosophy is to understand your business, not only in general, but what makes it unique; differentiates it; important to you and then engineer this knowledge into our relationship, products and practise.

Whether you need a website, a specialised reporting solution, back office applications for your order processing or manufacturing floor or even an innovative sales solution on your handheld, this is what we do.

Why us?

We recognise the substantial resources and financial commitment involved in developing a bespoke software solution and are mindful that implementing technology and introducing change can be a high-risk proposition. That is why we place great emphasis on managing expectations, mitigating risks and delivering on time and within budget. For us it's a badge of honour that almost all our clients are referrals from other happy clients.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

Humble beginnings can be daunting, growing your business ever more challenging. We get that... and consider ourselves small business client friendly. If you need a business partner to grow your software solutions with your business and budget, look no further. If we cannot add value, we will tell you.


You don't need to be technical to engage our services. That's our job. In fact, it is us who need to understand your business more than it is for you to understand technology.

Our capabilities are focussed around the Microsoft stable of technologies. We have highly qualified and expertly skilled staff to conceptualise, architect, design, construct, test and implement our solutions. A strategic partnership with Microsoft affords us early access to new technologies, research, products, training, knowledgebase and priority support.

The software landscape is ever changing and so we carefully evaluate maturity and suitability of new and emerging wares. Our development platform is based on the .NET Framework and deliver solutions to the Web (IIS, ASP.NET, MVC, Rest-full API, HTML5, Silverlight, Aurelia, etc.); to the Windows desktop (Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight); and the ubiquitous Mobile (Windows Phone 8.1, Web for Mobile device form factors) and integration between systems and business (Message Queues, Rest-ful API, WCF, Web Services). As SQL Server is our preferred backend data storage technology, it makes sense for us to have strong capabilities here too.